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Distance Counseling

What is Distance Counseling?

Distance Counseling is a service that is provided while the client and the therapist are located in two different physical locations and are communicating via electronic means such as webcam or telephone.


Benefits of Distance Counseling

There are some great benefits of participating in Distance Counseling instead of face-to-face counseling. First, there are fewer travel and time constraints. Because travel to the therapist’s office is not required, Distance Counseling removes the issues of traffic congestion, gas expenses, automobile “wear and tear,” and paying for babysitting services.

Also, there is a choice as to the location where Distance Counseling takes place. Distance Counseling can be done in the privacy and convenience of your own home, office, or other private location of your choice. Furthermore, Distance Counseling decreases issues with time constraints. Meetings can take place any time the client and therapist choose. This flexibility likely increases possible times for meeting opportunities.

Distance Counseling is also so easy to do. The only requirements are a desktop computer or laptop with a webcam. Additionally, Distance Counseling provides clients with a confidential experience, as clients do not have to worry about seeing someone they know at the therapist’s office. Finally, research has shown that internet-based intervention can be just as beneficial as regular face-to-face therapy.


Risks of Distance Counseling

While there are many benefits to Distance Counseling, there are some risks as well. At times, it is more difficult to make a risk assessment and/or to intervene during a crisis. Also, protecting PHI (Protected Health Information) may be more of a challenge. Finally, technical problems or poor quality could be distracting and interfere with effectiveness of the counseling session.

Who can participate in Distance Counseling?

Clients will need to be a resident of the state of Tennessee in order to participate in Distance Counseling at The Connection Place.


How much is Distance Counseling?

The fees for Distance Counseling services are the same as the fees for face-to-face services at The Connection Place office in Hendersonville, Tennessee:

$140 for the initial intake interview (45 minutes)
$120 for all future sessions (45 minutes)

Discounted packages are available for self-pay clients who would like to participate in Distance Counseling. Insurance companies typically do not pay for Distance Counseling.

Distance Counseling is currently available for clients working through parenting issues, adoption issues, and attachment issues. If you'd like to discuss whether or not Distance Counseling is a good fit for you, please contact me at (615) 308-7804 or [email protected]